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Treed - honey Qi

- First 3D printed wireless charger

- 15W charging for iOS and Android

- Compatible with magsafe technology

- 1296 possible color combinations

- Live on Kickstarter in August 2022

What is treed honey charger?

What is treed honey charger?

first in many ways

It's market first 3D printed, wireless phone charger. This revolutionary technology let's us make this product according to your choices. With 6 color options for 4 different pieces you can pick one of 1296 combinations.

15W Qi, quick charge 3.0 ensures your iOS or Android device as fast as possible

100% in-house manufacturing

100% in-house manufacturing

100% quality control

nobody likes supplier delays or quality issues, that's why we produce everything inhouse as that's the only way how to ensure the best quality of our products. For this project, we are expanding our printing farm, so you get your charger before christmas.

Wait. Is this plastic?!

Wait. Is this plastic?!

Yes... but no

This one is sweet. Just take sugar from corn, cassava, maize, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp, ferment it, turn it into lactic acid, and then into a plastic-like substance. You will get PLA. A material we use for 3D printing. Completely biodegradable and sustainable.

To push things even further, we used recycled one. Waste from previous prints and made into a new filament.