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15W sustainable Qi charger


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Clean design, clean technology

Clean design, clean technology

It all begins in local sawmills in Moravia, Czech Republic. Carefully picked wood is milled and transformed into treed charger casing. That is by hand equipped with all the necessary electronics and sealed with a wooden or metal base. Currently, we are using pre-built modules from an external partner, but our goal for the future is to make even this last part locally.

Works with all your devices

Works with all your devices

Bye-bye broken cords and neverending plugging in and out marathon. Enjoy comfortable and effective Qi wireless charging. Works well across most of the modern phones and accessories.

You can’t spell ecological without logical.

Human technology has a negative impact on our planet. There should be nothing political or alternative about it. The science is indisputable at this point. We do not ask you to change your life dramatically. We come in peace. This is how we feel it. Our mission is to open a healthy discussion by making practical devices from sustainable sources and plant as many trees as possible along the way.

Our compostable cable now available separately!

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