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A tree grows every time you charge.

Quick-charge your phone or accessories wirelessly and help beat deforestation. Switch to a hand-manufactured sustainable device that plants trees for you.



- Handmade wooden 15W Qi charging pad.
- 1m (3 ft.) long braided charging cable from wheat straw waste. USB-A to USB-C.
- Growing pellet made from waste coconut husks and seed of Japanese maple tree. (Acerum palmatum).
- 4 cork pads for protection of your table - Quick start manual
- One better decision for our planet.


- Works with all Qi standard compatible devices for both Android and iOS.
- supports Apple MagSafe technology for exact alignment of your device (Supported only by iPhone 12 or newer)

CAREFUL!: Before use, check your adapters specifications if they match our required input (5V/2A, 9V/1.67A, 12V/1.5A). Some supercharging adapters run on 10V/4A, and this might, in some cases, damage the device.

Charger without a compromise

Don’t regret buying another plastic charger. Switch to sustainably sourced walnut wood from Central Europe and enjoy an eco-friendly charging experience. We made this charger by hand for you, finished it with non-toxic beeswax, and equipped it with a USB-C compostable wheat straw charging cable.

Every piece of wood is carefully picked from forests that are in a range of 150 Km around our manufacturing site in Bludov, Czech Republic to be milled, assembled, finished, and packed there. After that, we can ship the device across the whole of Europe in recycled low footprint cardboard boxes filled with wooden ’’cotton’’ waste to protect your charger from damage without using plastics.


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